Sex Door Swing



  • Sex swing Additional Support for your sex, Enjoy the sex against the wall easier than ever, the door sex swing can make your fantasies to reality. The broad seat allows you to sit comfortably and enjoy any new exciting positions. You can get in all different types of positions you can’t do in the bed with door sex swing. You can move whatever you like, swing back and forth, get a great rage of motion. The sex slings helps stretch a lot and get climax easier.
  • Heavy Duty MaterialsThis bondage set is made of a variety of materials including. Nylon, sponge, PU and stainless steel.The high grade Leather straps ensure the door sex swing durable, and the wide seat and feet pad will make your swing sex comfortable. Comes with cushions and leg rests. It can withstand up to 400 pounds and is soft and strong. We use high-end quality to ensure your safety and spice up Your Bedroom.
  • Can Be Adjustabled To Fit Perfectlythe sex door swing is equipped with adjustable handles and foot straps, which can be easily adjusted to fit your size.Fully adjustable height and length for more comfortable lovemaking. Fit any body type perfectly. explore new positions and new scenarios you never thought with this door sex swing for adult, all while your partner is bound, suspended, and at your mercy.
  • Easy To Install And DisassembleThe hanging on door sex door swing can easily be set up within minutes, no need other fixtures or drilling, just throw the sex slings and swings on your door and lock it,and then get to having fun.When your fun is over, just unlock your door and get the sex slings down.Sit down on the seat, put your legs through the loops and hold the handles above your head,Forget the screws and bolts.All you need for our sex swing is a door, and a sense of adventure!
  • Easy To Store And TravelDiscover the hidden uses of doors that can be converted to a love swing using this hanging on door bondage restraint kit. perfect for different types of fetish play that both of you will love. For those who need freshness, our sex swing will bring you a new experience.You can also travel with it, turning any ordinary door into a playground of erotic bondage.

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